After Pakistan Blocks NATO’s Afghan Supply Line, Russia Threatens The Same



Russia warned it would block NATO’s supply routes to Afghanistan if the US and NATO forces continued to fail to address Moscow’s concerns. Russian said the Western military alliance must consider its objections regarding US installation of defense shields in Europe. The Russian government has demanded a written guarantee from Washington and NATO, promising that US anti-missile shields will not be used against it. Neither the US nor NATO have so far agreed to the demand.

Russia’s Ambassador to NATO, Dmitri Rogozin threatened that Moscow would withdraw its cooperation if its fears were not placated over US Missile Shield. Meanwhile, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev commented his country would deploy nuclear weapons in response to the growing US military presence in Europe. He further stated Russia would block NATO routes to Afghanistan; NATO has been using routes in Russia for transporting supplies since 2009.

Over the weekend, Pakistan shut down NATO supply lines as it protested NATO attack on its Mohmand check post, killing 24 of Pakistani troops.

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