Afghan Endgame: Pakistan, US Reportedly Agree On ‘blueprint’



According to media reports, Pakistan and the United States on Monday agreed on the “blue print” to Afghanistan. The talks took place as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton led a delegation of top military and intelligence officials to Islamabad to discuss negotiations to foster peace in the region. According to a senior Pakistani official, the dialogue was successful with a framework and concept of reconciliation being agreed on by both sides. The Pakistani official said the details of the proposed plans would be worked out in the future.

Reports indicate Pakistan has agreed to be a part of the peace process to deal with militants including the Haqqani network without being a guarantor. The US is also believed to have agreed to include Pakistan in matters concerning Afghanistan.

The two countries however continue to disagree on some issues; Pakistan insists on a ceasefire in the region, while the US is stepping up its pressure to eliminate the militants from the region.

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