Secretary Clinton Seek Lawmakers Support for Afghanistan, Pakistan



The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has urged lawmakers not to undercut US efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Speaking to the House of Foreign Affairs Committee, Clinton said “we should build on our momentum, not undercut our progress.”

The US Congress expressed its apprehension over the flow of aid to the South Asian countries as well as links between the Pakistani intelligence and militants. Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s statement that his country would side with Pakistan in the event of a conflict between Islamabad and Washington has also raised concerns about the loyalty of the Afghan government to the US.

She insisted that Pakistan should support the Afghan peace process, help bring different Afghan factions to the negotiation table, eliminate safe havens and act against Haqqani network.

Hillary Clinton on Thursday insisted the US could not afford to disengage from the region as they did against the Soviets in the Cold War. While acknowledging the lawmakers apprehensions, Clinton argued the US had no better alternative available.

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