What’s next After Libya?


As the battle for control of Misrata and Brega cities intensifies in Libya, many non-NATO nations are wondering if the military operation could be the beginning of America’s wider objectives in the region. With waves of public fury sweeping through Middle East and North Africa, global powers are trying to exploit the situation in order to turn the waves of rage in a direction that is most desirable for them. This means supporting the rebels in Libya, so that if Qaddafi exits there will be somebody to do business with. With Syrian popular fury gathering steam, many believe that western countries might see the benefits of interfering there as well. Syria is Iran’s most important ally in the region. The talks to support the Syrian revolt often focus on Iran. Some analysts believe destabilization is an essential part of the strategy that the West is pursuing in the region. While the US has ruled out the possibility of getting involved in Syria, some experts say that Syria and even Iran could be next in line following Libya.


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