Warning of a Potential Taliban Attack in India



Read PoliTact’s Global Security Study: The Regional Repercussions of a Possible Taliban Attack in IndiaThe Indian cities of Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai have been placed on high alert for the second time in only a month. India has claimed that the Taliban “Pashtun-looking” suicide bombers have penetrated these cities and are looking to target vital installations. Is India fear mongering or is the history really about to repeat itself, in the form of Central Asian invaders?

With the surge of US troops in Afghanistan as part of the nation’s new strategy, what will be the ramifications of another attack in India planned allegedly by the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) – especially in the wake of the Mumbai attack blamed on Lashkare Tayiba (LeT)? The investigation of the incident has lead to two LeT linked men – David Headley and Tahawwur Hussain Rana, of Pakistani origins and carrying American and Canadian citizenships, respectively. They were also accused of planning future attacks on India so as to distract the attention of the Pakistani Army from its Western border and shift it towards its eastern flank. Furthermore, these individuals were also planning attacks in Denmark. From the investigation one can deduce that Kashmir-related jihadi organizations such as the LeT and JuD (Jamat-ud-Dawah), like Al Qaeda, now have a global agenda.

PoliTact is also convinced that events of next year will further prove to the Pakistani Government that the Afghan Taliban and Kashmir-related jihadists, like the TTP, are in bed with Al Qaeda and a threat to Pakistan. In this context, the Indian is going to play a key role; if Pakistan fails to act, India will be prepared for a limited war. This is line with recent remarks by the Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor on the possibility of a limited war with Pakistan, the so-called “Cold Start” strategy.

Read PoliTact’s Global Security Study:The Regional Repercussions of a Possible Taliban Attack in India

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