Review of Iran Nuclear Deal And Pakistan, US, Afghanistan Relations


iran-nuclear-deal3A media discussion on a VOA Urdu Program Jahan Rang hosted by Behjat Gilani on October 14, 2017. Topics included:

Trump’s US Iran policy and world reaction.
Situation of Myanmar Rohingyas.
Pakistan, US, and Afghanistan Relations.
Pakistan’s Civil Military Confrontation.

The analysts participating in the discussion were:

Lord. Nazir Ahmad – Permanent British Parliament Member, London
Arif Ansar – CEO, “POLITACT” Washington, DC
Brigadier (R) Imran Malik – Defense Analyst & Columnist
Mir Waise Afghan – London based Analyst, ‘Khabrial’
Prof. A. Z. Hilali – Political Analyst, Peshawar University

Sound Bites From
Syed Khursheed Shah, Leader of Opposition, National Assembly Pakistan
Major General Asif Ghafoor, Director General ISPR Pakistan

Strategic Insight

While it is customary to point to issues related to Afghanistan, and more recently India, for the cause of mistrust between US and Pakistan, it is actually the differing strategic visions. Approaching the future of the region in a zero-sum manner is the basis for recurring tensions between US and Pakistan. There is a need to craft win-win scenarios amongst the various stakeholders and dealing with extremism of different colors.

On the other hand, scrutiny of the Iran nuclear deal is part of the wider US foreign policy review being carried out under President Trump’s America First Doctrine. A number of international economic and security treaties have already been revoked, and others are being appraised on how they benefit the US. What would be critical is how the foreign policy evolves after the initial bluster that has marked President Trump’s style.


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