US Drone Strikes Kill 45 in Pakistan as Ahmed Wali Karzai Assasinated



At least 45 militants were killed in the restive tribal area along the Pak-Afghan border in three US drone strikes, indicating Washington’s determination to step up campaign against militant organizations in the region amid growing tensions with Islamabad. The extraordinarily heavy barrage of missile strikes within a span of 12 hrs targeted militant hideouts in south and north Waziristan. The attacks commenced Monday night when nine missiles were fired into an alleged militant hideout in north Waziristan, leaving 25 people dead. The drones struck again few hours later in neighboring south Waziristan, firing missiles and leaving five people dead. Another militant compound was hit Tuesday morning in north Waziristan killing 15 alleged terrorists. The drone attacks have taken place as Ahmed Wali Karzai was assassinated in Kandahar yesterday.

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