The Significance Of Afghan Elections, Voter Turnout, And Future Challenges



Media discussion on Urdu VOA Radio program ‘In the News’ hosted by Asad Hassan.

The debate assesses the significance of elections in Afghanistan, voter turnout, and what it means for the future of the country. The prospects of the three election front runners; Ashraf Ghani, Zalmai Rassoul, and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, are also examined. Lastly, Pakistan’s reaction to Afghan election is evaluated as the reconciliation process there with TTP (Pakistani Taliban) has entered a peculiar phase.

The panel includes:

Kamran Bokhari – Vice President for Middle Eastern, North African Affairs for Stratfor
Amanullah Ghilzai – US based Senior Afghan Analyst
Arif Ansar – Chief Analyst, PoliTact
– Ikram Ullah Shinwari – Kabul based journalist

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