Talks over Taliban office in Turkey Continue


Potential support of the US to the notion of Turkey setting up a political office for the Afghan Taliban has provided a boost to the plan, initially proposed last year. Former President of Afghanistan Burhanuddin Rabbani, who now leads the High Peace Council, discussed this matter last month during his visit to Turkey, according to an official of the council. “Turkey didn’t say no,” said official Arsala Rahmani, before adding, “It is a key issue for resolving the situation in Afghanistan. It’s important for the Taliban to have a political address – a place – to talk to the world face-to-face.” Though official application for such a political office is yet to be made, Turkey’s approval would bolster the efforts of Afghan President Karzai to integrate the moderate Taliban fighters into mainstream society, according to a senior Turkish Foreign Ministry official. The matter is due to be discussed during Pakistani President Zardari’s visit to Turkey this week.


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