Sino-Indian Border Tensions In Ladakh


25-04-2013_LadakhWhile border tensions have surged from time to time between Indian and Chinese forces situated along the poorly demarcated border, the Indian media has created an unusual hype around recent incidents. The first intrusion allegedly had occurred on April 20th. The Indian authorities have accused Chinese forces and helicopters of straying far in to the Depsang Valley of Ladakh region. In efforts to diffuse the matter, Indian foreign minister Salman Khurshid is slated to visit China on May 9th. There are also unconfirmed reports that Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s is likely to visit India and Pakistan around May 20th.

On the other hand, Chinese authorities have wanted to calm things down. Foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying stated, “We hope relevant media can keep patience and create favorable conditions for the two countries to solve this issue through friendly consultations,” she commented.

The question to ponder is if some action taken by China or India provoked the tensions, or is it related to the broader regional tectonic shifts. The present escalation is taking place as the security situation in the Pacific region continues to worsen. Especially, as it relates to the events of South China Sea, North Korean threats, and the American pivot towards the region.
The handing over of the Gwadar port by Pakistan to a Chinese firm has also unnerved India. Moreover, President Karzai recently has been stressing on the role of China in the resolution of Afghan conflict.


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