Saudi King Calls Emergency Islamic Summit As Middle East Turmoil Worsens



Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Prince Saud al-Faisal stated on Monday that King Abdullah has summoned an emergency Islamic summit in Mecca from August 14-15.
“an extraordinary Islamic solidarity meeting to ensure… unity during this delicate time as the Muslim world faces dangers of fragmentation and sedition,” FM Faisal was quoted as saying by the Saudi Press Agency.

According to media reports, Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Secretary-General, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, met with Egyptian President Muhammad Mursi in Cairo on Saturday and discussed the agenda for Mecca Summit, which has 57-member organization.

This is the fourth emergency conference of OIC since its inception in 1969 and will be talking place at a time when Shia Sunni tussles are escalating in the region. There is a high degree of probability that conflict in Syria will escalate in to a regional war, with NATO and GCC countries on the one side and Iran, Syria, Russia and China on the other. This has created an unprecedented situation where Muslim countries are being hard pressed to decide one or the other grouping.

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