Pakistan Army Chief Threatens To Reevaluate Relations with US


Pakistani Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani has warned that intelligence and military partnership with the US would be reevaluated in case an Abbottabad-style operation that violated Pakistan’s sovereignty takes place again. The remarks came during a high-level Core Commanders’ Conference held at the General Headquarters on Thursday. About the likelihood of a similar operation against the strategic assets of Pakistan, the conference reiterated that, unlike an unguarded civilian compound, the country’s strategic installations are well guarded and elaborate security mechanisms are in place. While the failure of the Pakistani intelligence in tracking down Bin Laden was admitted, it was emphasized that ISI’s achievements against Al-Qaeda and other militant outfits in Pakistan were unparalleled. The decision to cut down the number of US troops in Pakistan to a minimum level was also announced during the conference.

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