NATO Wants Improved Relations While Pakistan Desires More Formal US Ties



After the NATO strike, Pakistan and US are redefining their troubled ties. Pakistan is thinking of giving up US aid that made it too dependent on the country. On the other hand, US conceded that delay in apology has further aggravated the situation.

Maj. Gen Athar has said that Pakistan now wants a formal relationship with the US, which would disallow US a free run of the past. Pakistan is also expected to reduce the number of US military personal in the country and has asked US to not to send any high-level visitors to Pakistan for the time being.

The US State Department Spokesperson, Victoria Nuland stated that after the passage of defense authorization act, Department of Defense has to provide a strategy on using certain military assistance. She also said that US is maintaining talks with Pakistan at all levels and want to get back to the full counter terrorism relationship. She reiterated that the relationship is imperative for the stability and peace for US, Pakistan and the entire region.

Responding to Pak-Iran signing the pipeline deal, she said America has already conveyed its concerns and will further talk over it. Meanwhile, NATO has expressed its keen desire to normalize relations with Pakistan and restoring the supply lines.

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