Iranian Warships At Tartous, China Warns Of Civil War



The conflict in Syria has pitted western and Gulf-led Arab powers against Syria’s allies, Moscow, Beijing and Tehran. Media reports indicate Iran has docked two warships at Syrian naval base, while China has warned of a large-scale civil war will inevitably lead to foreign armed intervention.

The West is worried about the outbreak of sectarian conflict and with Iran’s naval ships docked at Syrian port, there are concerns that it will boil into a regional conflict. Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor recently commented,

“Iran invests a lot in trying to save the Syrian regime, by advising them, by supplying equipment, by sending people and maybe by also sending these ships through the Suez Canal.”

Meanwhile, General Dempsey stated that Libya-style military intervention in Syria is unlikely as the country has a strong military with integrated air defense system, including chemical and biological weapons.

Western and Arab powers are holding a ” Friends of Syria” conference in Tunisia on Friday to discuss the present situation in Syria and future strategies.

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