Dr. Abdullah: Bonn Conference Represents A Missed Opportunity



The head of the National Coalition of Change and Hope (NCCH), Dr Abdullah Abdullah said on Thursday the Bonn conference could have been a great opportunity for Afghanistan. He told reporters the symposium scheduled for December 5 in Germany, misses a great chance to discuss issues relating to the country. Abdullah said the meeting was unlikely to yield significant outcomes and would serve as a talking shop for government officials.

“If the Afghan delegation represented the Afghan people or if the past activities of Afghan government were satisfactory, the conference could have been in Afghanistan’s favor,” he said.

Dr Abdullah also criticized the conference organizers for failing to consider the input of the opposition. He said the NCCH should have been consulted in the drafting the agenda of the conference.

The NCCH agenda demands for transparent and fair elections, and the safeguard of legitimate rights of the population. It also calls for the impartiality of the Independent Electoral Commission and the independence of the judiciary.

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