China Rejects UN Report on Iran, North Korea



China on Wednesday rejected a UN’s panel report claiming that prohibited missile material was shared between Iran and North Korea via a third country, which diplomats believe was China. “I totally deny such reports,” said Assistant Foreign Minister Hu Zhengyue. The report said that prohibited technology was moved via an unidentified “neighboring third country” and is believed to have been transferred “on regular scheduled flights of Air Koryo and Iran Air.” Diplomats said that a Chinese official on the UN panel of seven specialists on N. Korea nuclear sanctions declined to sign on to that report.

The report would create some uneasiness between US and China. US would want China and Russia to cooperate on matters related to Iran and Pakistan. According to Iranian Press TV, shipment of fuel for Iranian nuclear plant was transported to the southern city of Bushehr from Russia recently. Based on the details made public by the organization, the fuel was air couriered on three separate planes.


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