Cameron: Balochistan Very Important For US



Speaking with the Speaker of Balochistan Assembly Muhammad Aslam Bhootani in Quetta, US Ambassador to Pakistan stated on Thursday the province was very important to the US. Munter also conveyed his concerns over the human right abuses and the issue of missing persons. On Wednesday, the ambassador had announced 8.6mn rupees for the construction of two homes in Quetta’s SoS village.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister of the insurgency-infected province, Nawab Ali Raisani, informed the Ambassador that Mullah Omar and Al Qaeda’s new leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri were not hiding in Balochistan and Taliban and extremists are not operating from the province. Raisani further added that he believed in political reconciliation and there was no difference between Baloch and Pashtun people.

“Although some incidents of terrorism are taking place in Balochistan, the overall situation is under control and law enforcement agencies are making their efforts to thwart such incidents,” he added.

Earlier Cameron Munter had reiterated he was very hopeful about the US-Pakistan relations despite disputes between them over various issues. Moreover, Munter stated he supported the democratic system in Pakistan. A consistent stream of media reports indicates the US is interested in establishing a consulate in Quetta, which borders Afghanistan and Iran.

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