Border Skirmishes between the Security Forces of Afghanistan and Pakistan


covert operators have suspended their mission, and 12 have left Pakistan.

Reports are also coming in on a second cross-border skirmish between the security forces of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The first incident took place around Ghulam Khan area of North Waziristan Agency on January 2, 2011. On the Afghan side police posts in Gurbuz district were involved. Officials of Pakistan and Afghanistan blamed each other for firing first. Reportedly, three civilians and a Pakistani soldier were killed in the encounter that continued for several days, and was considered to be the most serious since May 2007.

Senior Afghan officials including General Aminollah Amrakhe claimed today that Pakistan forces have shelled several areas in the Goshta district, in the eastern Nangarhar province. However, Pakistan’s military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas has denied having any information on the incident.

Pakistan is under US and NATO pressure to conduct a military operation in North Waziristan, and to eradicate safe havens for extremists. In order for its strategy to work in Afghanistan, US claims the sanctuaries in FATA need to be eliminated. Pakistan has stated that it would do so based on its own timeline.

PoliTact is keeping a close eye on the changing geopolitical situation of FATA and the region.



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