Al-Shabab Of Somalia Merges With Al Qaeda


Al-Shabab of Somalia has released a joint video with Al-Qaeda, pledging obedience to Ayman al-Zawahiri. The two groups have collaborated with each other in the past. The announcement of the merger has come at a time when Al-Shabab was considered to be under pressure.

However, analysts believe that the coalition could change the nature of the conflict. A UN back government in Mogadishu is being supported by troops from the African Union, Kenya, and Ethiopia, to fight the militants.

In November of last year, Israel extended its support to Kenya to help the country deal with Somali militants. Israeli President Shimon Peres had said at the time that his country would “make everything available” to the African nation to help it fight against the Al-Qaeda linked terrorists. Analysts, however, had warned that the partnership could increase support Al-Shabab, which would attempt to gain help by showcasing the deal as anti-Muslim.

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