Al-Qaeda Has Six Fortified Compounds in Gaza Similar to Bin Laden’s Abbottabad Villa


According to Israeli media, Al-Qaeda has a history with the country, though Israeli leaders and media don’t generally acknowledge this. Osama bin Laden’s group declared war against the Jews and founded networks near its borders in the Gaza strip, Egyptian Sinai, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. In reporting Bin Laden’s death on Monday, Israeli news channels incorrectly claimed that Israel had never been attacked by Al-Qaeda when it was only last year that armed attacks were launched on the Jewish civilian locations and Israeli-Gaza border by Gaza-based Al-Qaeda operatives. Anti-terror sources have revealed that Al-Qaeda operatives in the Gaza strip have built at least six fortified compounds in three locations. Just like the Abbottabad villa where Bin Laden was killed on Monday by US forces, Gaza compounds dominate the neighboring skylines and have solid security arrangements.

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