What We Do

PoliTact develops geopolitical situational awareness, risk assessments, and strategic forecasts by discerning, synthesizing and interpreting data regarding political, economic, and security developments affecting the current global balance of power. We do this by:

  1. Monitoring and measuring entropy of the global balance of power, as it influences various conflicts and fault zones, and forecast future scenarios. Alignment or misalignment of power and interest leads to many of the struggles and conflicts that the world is witnessing today. Therefore, it is critical to understand power dynamics. We generate a risk assessment called an Entropy Alert when we observe a serious discrepancy of power and interest between various global actors.
  2. Tracking the use of information and media, at the local and international level, to create favorable perceptions and perspectives around significant political, economic, military, and security events and interests. A divergence of perceptions and perspectives between various global power players can also lead to conflict. Alignment or misalignment of Perceptions and Perspectives is, therefore, a powerful early indicator of conflict, which we include in our calculations before issuing an Entropy Alert.
  3. Examining the use of Doctrines and Paradigms by influential global actors to gain the moral high ground and to create, justify, and implement policies to achieve key interests.
  4. Suggesting policies, strategies, and tactics that are politically astute, culturally aware, and historically sensitive, to avoid adverse impact on a particular actor’s interests or position.