30-05-2011_Politact bannerPoliTact is a leading Washington DC-based independent strategic advisory firm.  Using multiple vantage points, PoliTact develops geopolitical risk assessments, situational awareness, and strategic forecasts by discerning, synthesizing and interpreting political, economic, and security developments. Our focus is primarily, but not solely, South Asia and the Middle East. We are in the process of expanding our geographic coverage which will include the Indo-Pacific region and Africa.

PoliTact presents a multi-dimensional perspective to today’s increasingly asymmetric political, security and economic realities. Utilizing our unique and tested methodology, we gauge the future through media exploitation, public perceptions and the interests of global actors.

Our philosophy is based on the motto of Alert, Prepare, and Avoid. One of the key premises of our approach is to factor in the ground reality in order to produce actionable analysis. Moreover, we provide context to better understand the fast emerging challenges and issues – an essential ingredient in the formulation of appropriate remedies.

We monitor the messages emanating in the electronic, print, and social media, including public statements delivered by government officials and political leaders to decipher, synthesize and interpret the strategic intent. In addition, PoliTact builds on its international network of contacts and relations with key think tanks, scholars, and opinion makers, to monitor the public pulse and perceptions, and disseminate our insights.


Through the fellowship program, PoliTact intends to select accomplished regional fellows to conduct research in themes and areas of mutual interest. PoliTact Fellowships are highly selective and competitive. The Fellows and Senior Fellows will be selected on a one-year renewable basis and will undergo a trial period of three months. Fellowship candidates are drawn from sectors ranging from academia to NGOs, business, government or the media.

The purpose of the PoliTact Fellowship Program is to provide established leaders and practitioners with the opportunity for strategic writing, present at events and in interviews, expand their personal networks, while refining their understanding of emerging issues and diverse perspectives in international relations. The Fellows’ authorship will be acknowledged in the by-line.

Fellowship candidates should be at an established stage of their career as experts or practitioners in government, the private sector, civil society, academia or the broader policy community.

The following PoliTact Fellowships are now open for applications and do not require US residence:

South and Central Asia Fellows and Senior Fellows
Indo-Pacific Fellows and Senior Fellows
Middle East Fellows and Senior Fellows
Africa Fell
ows and Senior Fellows

02-06-2011_PoliTact Graphics 3Requirements

PoliTact Fellows and Senior Fellows are required to develop 1-2 original articles per month using non-academic journalistic style and according to PoliTact’s methodology. The average article length will be from 1000-1500 words. The Fellows and Senior Fellows must be able to write clearly, succinctly, and persuasively.

The fellows have to exhibit strong sense of initiative and motivation and often have to produce high quality analyses under tight deadlines and pressure.

Selected Fellows and Senior Fellows should be comfortable with appearing on various international media sources for interviews and to present insights resulting from the articles. They should also be able conduct interviews of other scholars in support of their research.

PoliTact Fellow

5-7 years of relevant professional experience in the area of interest. PoliTact presently covers political, security/defense, and economic domains. The Fellow should at minimum have a baccalaureate and preferably a Master degree from an internationally recognized institute. They should have published before.

PoliTact Senior Fellow

10-15 years of relevant professional experience in the area of interest. PoliTact presently covers political, security/defense, and economic domains. The Senior Fellow should at minimum have a Masters degree and preferably a Ph.D. from an internationally recognized institute. They should have a significant publication record.

Application Process

To indicate your interest in a particular fellowship and request an application, send an email to info@politact.com. The email address can also be used to request other related information.